the walking dead marathon

So I know my plan was to go to a new batch of movies after the “quirky female lead” batch, but somehow I got sucked into “The Walking Dead” instead.  Both my brother and a good friend of mine recommended this series. “I don’t usually like zombie shows, ” Erin said, “and this show has them but it is much more than that too.”  I’ve come to realize she is right.  I have been DVRing this show from AMC for about the last year now trying to get all the episodes from the last 3 seasons.  Luckily they did a marathon themselves right before airing the season 3 finale. And except for about 3 episodes, I have them all.

ImageYesterday I decided it was time to start.  I was hooked in the first 20 minutes.  Can you imagine? You go to sleep (in a coma, whatever) and you wake up and the zombie apocalypse has a occurred and you have no idea where your family/friends are and no way to contact them.  Erin was right. While there is plenty of gore, brain bashing and flesh eating, it is much more a drama. A drama about people and human interactions and relationships with the added pressure of being hunted and eaten every where you turn.

I love the relationship dynamics that are going on. And not necessarily between the family members but more between the group itself.  Just like real group therapy, there is something magical about putting a group of people, from various backgrounds and walks of life, together and then having them work together to solve problems.  The natural leader and follower relationship also emerges and so I ask myself, if the zombie apocalypse occurred would I be a leader or a follower?  Would I fight it out and try and survive no matter what? Would I throw in the towel and find peace in death? Would my faith in God deepen or waver? So many existential issues addressed! And that’s why I am loving this show.  All these deep philosophical questions that push us, the viewer, to think and ponder, and yet we get the distance that TV and fiction brings.  Awesome.

So yesterday I enjoyed 9 episodes (don’t judge) of “The Walking Dead,” made my first batch of lemon ricotta gnocchi for dinner (let me tell you, amazing!), and climbed into bed at 1am to have zombie free sleep. Pretty much, the perfect rainy day.

(Go here for the best gnocchi ever!)

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